Let's walk arround Islamic Street in Shin-Okubo

isti teguh |  2020-11-12 18:56:30
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Shin-Okubo actually has Halal Indonesian, Turkish, Indian and other Halal shops, so Shin-Okubo is known as “Islamic Street” now.
The Islamic Street is located in Shin-Okubo,

just one station from Shinjuku. Exit from Shin-Okubo station you can turn right at the end of the Matsumoto-Kiyoshi pharmacy. Entering this area, you can see several Southeast Asian people passing along the road. This area is called the Islamic street in Shin-Okubo. Not far after entering Islamic street, on the left side of the road is an Indonesian culinary shop called Merah Putih Café.

Here you can enjoy popular traditional Indonesian dishes such as Nasi Goreng and Rendang (Padang Typical Cuisine) After passing the Merah Putih cafe, you can see a green signboard that says NASCO FOOD COURT. The owner of this restaurant is an Indian citizen. The restaurant serves Indian cuisine, Turkish cuisine and Arabic cuisine. You can also buy barbecue chicken which can be eaten at home. The NASCO KEBAB located next door is a Kebab shop run by the same owner.

And the next Halal shop is also managed by the same owner. This shop provides Halal meat, cooking spices and daily Halal products.

In addition, around this area there are several Halal shops selling Halal food ingredients and food. I found another Indonesian culinary shop called Bintang Bali on the way to Okubo station from Shin-Okubo station. Shin-Okubo is a center for local Halal food, Indonesian and Indian cuisine, as well as a Halal grocery store.

Come visit Islamic Street in Shin-Okubo.

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