Let's Try Muslimah Salon in Japan

isti teguh |  2020-11-15 15:10:53
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A beauty salon in the city of Saitama, Japan, offers services for Muslim women. At the Muslimah Beauty salon at the Omiya outlet at the Tokyo-based beauty salon operator UNIX, Muslim women are facilitated with prayer mats, alcohol-free shampoo, and privacy for them. 

Let's try halal for Muslimah Salon in Japan. Muslim woman can take off their hijab scarves in a special private area separated by a curtain to choose hairstyles and colors with female hairstylists. They can cut their hair and dye it without worrying about being seen by men.

 In addition, the shampoo and hair care used is alcohol-free. There are also special mats for prayer provided by the salon. Dyah (age 24 - not a real name) a student from Indonesia who has lived in Japan for six years, is one of the customers at the salon. She said, previously she did hair care only after returning to her home country. The reason is, there is no suitable place for him to cut hair in Japan. But now, she usually go to this salon and become returning customer. "This service is very pleasant, because it offers a sense of relief. 

I want to recommend it to my friends," said Dyah, quoted in The Asahi Shimbun, Thursday (19/9) According to UNIX employees, several beauty salons also provide such services in Saitama Prefecture. UNIX decided to introduce this service after a tenant meeting at a commercial complex in Chiba that houses one of its outlets. The head of the company's sales promotion department, Naoki Okamoto (43), said he was interested in the campaign to attract Islamic customers at the meeting. She learned that Muslim women struggle in this country to find a salon they can visit without worry.

 He then proposed the new service after studying Islamic practices. "The skills of Japanese hairdressers have won a lot of praise from East Asian women, whose hair has similar characteristics to Japanese women. I want Muslim customers to experience the extraordinary techniques of our stylists," said Okamoto, also a hairstylist. UNIX aims to increase the number of foreign customers. 

Therefore, the Muslimah haircut service was introduced at the Chiba outlet in last November 2016. Due to its proven popularity, this service was also adopted at Omiya stores in Saitama Prefecture, where UNIX was founded. credit picture : fooddiversity.today
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