100% Halal Arabic food ( SPHINX RESTAURANT AND CAFÉ)

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With the increasing number of tourists around the world , it is good that Japan has provided options for Halal eaters as well.This boom in Muslim-friendly services, such as prayers rooms and Halal food options, is making it easier for Muslims to travel in Japan. Now Halal or Muslim-friendly restaurants can be found at many places in Japan.


Located in Higashimurayama, Tokyo , SPHINX RESTAURANT AND CAFÉ is a pretty good place to head when you want to try some Halal Arabic food.

(Sphinx, mythological creature with a lion's body and a human head, an important image in Egyptian and Greek art and legend).


It’s 2 min walk from Akitsu station (north or south exit) and can be easily accessed via Seibu Ikebukro line . Its about 28 minutes by train from Ikebukro station and its quite easy to find .

The interior of this restaurant is so amazing that you feel yourself being in EGYPT with the Arabic music playing in the restaurant .


Everything in this restaurant is 100% HALAL (confirmed by the owner)so Muslims can order anything they want without being worried. There was such a good and huge variety on the menu that I wanted to order everything but in end i decided to go for the lunch menu(¥1120~¥1480 per person) and ordered MOLOKHIA WITH CHICKEN.

But I wanted to try BBQ item as well so I orderd KOFTA MASHWYA from the grand menu as well.



 This restaurant is very suitable for Japanese taste as well because the spices are mild. The staff was so nice , friendly and welcoming.


And the taste?

No doubt, very delicous!

I enjoyed every thing I ordered. Infact the tea which was served after meal, in a beautiful Egyption cup, was a star from the entire lunch.



If you come to Higashimurayama ,Tokyo and are looking for something that has a taste from Egyptian cuisine , this is a good place to visit.




Address: 〒204-0004 Tokyo, Kiyose, Noshio, 5−291

Phone number: 042 4973567

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sphinxjapan/

Opening hours :Everyday 11:30- 24:00



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