Tasmia Aamir |  2021-03-26 08:50:54
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A number of different styles contribute Chinese cuisine. Chinese cuisine has influenced many other cuisines in Asia. It is the cuisine which everyone like to eat. In japan there are tons of Chinese restaurants but Halal is very difficult to find. But as the Muslim population are growing, there are few restaurants which are gaining Halal certificate or serving as a Halal restaurant. In ikebukuro , near to Ikebukuro station there is one Halal Chinese restaurant named as SAFEI HALAL CHINESE CUISINE AND LANZHUO RAMEN. Lanzhou Ramen means hand-pulled noodles. I was very surprised to see the Halal mark on their sign board outside. I asked them, they replied yes, it is a Halal restaurant and everything in our menu is Halal. I like Chinese food a lot but trying authentic Chinese cuisine and Lanzhou ramen was my first time. Their menu was in Japanese. I asked for English menu but they don’t have any English menu in their restaurant. I was very confused to order but the staff cooperated a lot they were trying their best in explaining me the dish I was pointing for details. I then ordered Naan, Spicy ramen, lamb BBQ sticks and stuffed pan. While ordering ramen they warned me this is the spiciest dish is that okay? I said yes, it's totally fine because I love spicy food. The food was served within few minutes. The pan was so hot and crunchy, it was filled with minced beef. It was not spicy but was too good. Naan was totally different in taste as there were few spices and sauce over it, it wasn’t like the naan served in other restaurants. I loved the new taste. Lamb BBQ sticks were not spicy but too good, there was not any smell and it was cooked well. Last dish was spicy stir-fried ramen. I just loved their ramen it was so good, delicious very spicy and the flavour was totally authentic with veggies and meat in it. My favourite was their ramen and their beef pan. It just costed me 2600 Yen not too much pricy because the portion sizes were good according to their prices. I highly recommend this Chinese restaurant. Very friendly staff and very tasty food and off course 100% Halal. My recommended dish is their spicy stir-fried ramen. From now on this is my favourite restaurant to visit in Ikebukuro. Name: Safei Halal Chinese Cuisine & Lanzhou Ramen Ikebukuro Address: 2 Chome-13-8 Ikebukuro, Toshima City, Tokyo 170-0014 Contact: 03-6907-2767 For more details, visit HALAL FOOD IN JAPAN website for a convenient experience in finding Halal restaurants and Muslim related information in Japan through the following link: or for detailed information visit our YOUTUBE CHANNEL.
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