Halal Japanese confectionary shop in ASAKUSA !

Tasmia Aamir |  2021-03-26 09:18:41
Daily News
Asakusa retains the vibe of old Tokyo with traditional craft shops and street food stalls along Nakamise Street near the ancient Senso-ji. While visiting Asakusa it is a must to buy Japanese souvenir and Japanese confectionary items. But finding Halal items bit harder but there is one shop where Muslims can get such things easily. It is a Japanese confectionary shop and it is just next to the gates of Senso-ji Temple. Very easy to access as it very near to Asakusa station. I visited Senso-ji Temple among with my friends. When we were about to leave, I just entered this shop in just fun if I could get anything Halal. But I was very surprised to see few halal marks on their items. I suddenly asked the reception lady about halal items. So, she showed me 2 pages which was actually the list of halal certified items in their shop with the pictures on it. Later she assisted me to show me where they are placed and I calmly saw all of them. Few were very cheap and few were more than 1000 yen like reaching around 3000 yen as well. Small to big boxes of Japanese snacks were at their shop. They all had a Halal mark over it. So, it is easier for Muslims to figure out which are Halal. I bought few items from their shop and I was very happy that I finally can enjoy Japanese snacks which are Halal certified. It is really a good thing for all Muslims and even Muslim tourists who are visiting Japan and to have Halal Japanese confectionary items. So, whenever you visit Asakusa must visit this shop and enjoy buying Halal certified Japanese snacks. Name: Tokiwado Address: 1 Chome –3-2 Asakusa , Taito City , Tokyo 111-0032 Contact: 0338415656 Website: www.tokiwado.tokyo For more details, visit HALAL FOOD IN JAPAN website for a convenient experience in finding Halal restaurants and Muslim related information in Japan through the following link: https://www.halalfoodinjapan.com/ or for detailed information visit our YOUTUBE CHANNEL.
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