NIKONIKO HALAL Mazemen near to AKHIABARA station

Tasmia Aamir |  2021-04-02 07:13:37
Daily News
Mazemen is a non-broth ramen, showcasing creative toppings for a genius ramen noodle snack. Mazeman restaurants are very rare in Tokyo and finding Halal is very difficult but recently there is a restaurant which specially serves such food. The restaurant name is NIKONIKO. The nearest stations to NIKO NIKO are Iwamotocho, Akhiabara and Kanda. This restaurant was opened in January 2021. The good thing of this restaurant is that it is very near to Masjid Nusantara, which is just 1 minute walk from it. Being a new restaurant, they are doing a good job serving such Halal food which is very rare to find. I was there among with my kids. The menu is good and has many types of Mazemen but I wanted to eat one of their recommended dishes so I chose CHICKEN CUTLET BOWL. I watched the whole process of how they prepared my order. It was my first time to try it. They first put some Japanese rice in a bowl then they add some scrambled eggs, with spring onion special sauce and with the fried cut pieces of chicken cutlet. And the taste? To me it was bit salty but they fixed for me later. It might be my taste-buds but good thing is that the staff actually made it how I like. Everything was good. The staff working there are Muslim and even the Manager is also Muslim. Everything is 100%HALAL. Staff is very friendly with kids. After finishing up my meal I went to offer my ZUHAR prayers in MASJID NUSANTRA which is just next to it. The staff of NIKONIKO helped me to reach masjid and told me about it. Very good and helping staff. They have many other great dishes as well I'm surely going to visit them again to try their Mazemen soon. Name: NIKO NIKO MAZEMAN Address: 2 Chome-15-1 Kanda Sudacho, Chiyoda City , Tokyo 101-0041 Contact: 0363206573 Website : For more details, visit HALAL FOOD IN JAPAN website for a convenient experience in finding Halal restaurants and Muslim related information in Japan through the following link: or for detailed information visit our YOUTUBE CHANNEL.
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