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Minato, Tokyo


Welcome Muslim guests! We can provide Halal Japanese Food according to our Halal policy. Halal Policy We offer the food without alchol,Mirin (Sweet cooking rice wine) and pig-derived ingredients such as pork bone soup, gelatin. We do not have halal certification from third body. We took the seminar’ Halal Manager training and exam’. And our chef,Yuuki Tanaka took the seminar at Japan Islamic Trust Masjid Otsuka. Kitchen is not exclusive for halal cooking but also used to prepare other menu. We have treated Haraam in this kitchen. We have treated Haraam with own kitchen tool. We use separate cookware such as cutting boards, bowl, etc Miso paste and Soy sauce is containing no alchol. We are using eggs and milk that has not been the Halal certification. We use halal certified seasonings in muslim friendly menu
(For item without certification, the ingredients have been thoroughly inspected). We use halal certified meat for halal friendly menu. We use same tableware with other menu. However, if any request, we are able to prepare disposable tableware such as cup, fork, knife, chopstick, etc. Could you make a reservation 10 days in advance

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3F, 4-2-15, nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
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